Box Score Replay

Design & development project (2013)

Edd is a big basketball fan. He watches a lot of NBA basketball and loves to follow stats as the game progresses. Unfortunately, due to timezone differences, watching a lot of games live isn't feasible. Edd, and fans around the world for whom ball is life, needed a way to progressively look at the stats at a given point of time during an NBA game — something that didn't exist anywhere on the web.

The design challenges were very simply defined: to produce an interface to "travel through time" that is 100% spoiler-free. No statistics for a given basketball game were to be displayed until the user explicitly requested it. Even the "game quality" indicator (which would given recommendations on how interesting a game would be to watch) has to be enabled by the user.

After innocently posting a link to it on Reddit, Box Score Replay's popularity exploded within hours. It received coverage from high-profile sports blogs such as Deadspin and was passed around on Twitter by some eminent sports journalists from ESPN and SBNation. The Box Score Replay app easily handled up to a peak of 1,500 concurrent users.

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Key technologies used: Ruby, Javascript


Box Score Replay Screenshot 1

Box Score Replay Screenshot 2