Web App Design (2012)

The sport of basketball is energetic, gritty and full of finesse. Sadly, the NBA TV web player software was clunky, incoherent and frankly boring. The grey and murky blue palette reminds one of a golf trip ruined by rainclouds rather than the excitement of the NBA. Ugly alignment imperfections and dodgy type amplified by fiddly controls crammed into the void around the video player make using the UI an unpleasant experience, even when you're not using it, as it distracts you. You have to trigger full-screen mode just to quiet the noise.

As a basketball fan and designer, Edd felt compelled to fix this problem. The NBA TV redesign was a personal, exploratory project he undertook just to see what he could do about it. This was problem-solving practice for him. A designer's equivalent of shooting free-throws in your driveway. It was about identifying what was wrong, and improving the experience.

Edd's approach to this redesign centred around three things: who the user is and what they do; simplification and clarification; and polish — that is, providing an interface that not only makes it easy to use, but at the same time speaks to the user.

The resulting design was built with a view to adapting it to a touch (tablet) environment.

In 2012, the NBA released a redesign of their web player. It looked and worked similarly to Edd's practice design.


NBATV Web Player (Before) (2011)

NBATV Screenshot (Full View)

NBATV Screenshot (Stats)